The Healthy Work-Free Lifestyle

Today’s blog post will be different from the previous one. My blog is obligated to educate my readers about some of the essential health improvements which lead to healthier lifestyle. In the previous blog posts I focused on the health in the field of biology. Introducing my readers to the value of different vitamins and minerals that we can get from avocado as well as the authority of water. Today’s reading is focused on psychological healthy lifestyle. I will teach you how to stay energized throughout the day,relax your brain and become stress-free and finally simply enjoy your life and socialize. You can adjust this routine during weekends or breaks, since this is a work-free routine. BTW! At the end of the blog you can click on the video which I made, it gives you a short visual interpretation of this topic.

Primarily, If you want to enjoy the day you have to start it nice and fresh. When you wake up get up with positive thoughts, it’s too early to worry about anything. Make yourself some yummy breakfast which will boost your energy and prepare you for the awaiting day. My favorite is an acai bowl with my favorite fruits. I like to put strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, currants and bananas. Of course I don’t put all of these in one acai bowl, I pick two or three and use them. These fruits supply my body with vitamin C, B6, potassium, fiber, magnesium and biotin. The acai bowl wouldn’t be complete without chia seeds which are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This meal is also perfect for girls that are in process of loosing weight, it provides you with all nutrients needed without boosting the number of calories taken in. If you have never heard of the acai bowl you can watch my video and get familiar with this amazing meal as well as the preparation process. I promise you my recipe will leave you astonished, however If you don’t like it make something else. Just make sure that you get enough energy from your breakfast so that you can function and stay positive throughout the day. Breakfast is not called “the most important meal of the day” for no reason. When eating breakfast you are supposed to take in many calories which will be burned throughout the day.By burning calories more energy is released which will allow you to function and prevent the feeling of tiredness.


Now that you’re done with your caloric breakfast you can relax your brain, it’s time for you to calm your mind and forget about all obligations. Go ahead, escape from reality and enter the world of your imagination, don’t think about reality just relax. This will help you when dealing with stress, get your ming off of everything positive and negative, don’t worry about anything. Did you know that stress causes sleeping disorders such as insomnia? That’s true, when you’re under stress your body responds in an intense way which causes you to wakeup at once. To become stress-free you have to lower the level of cholesterol and adrenaline and you can do that by relaxing your mind. What can possibly be a better way to relax than reading your favorite book, watching an interesting movie or simply listening to music. You will feel 10kg lighter once your brain is relaxed and stress-free. Walk into the world with a positive mind and don’t let yourself worry about minutiae things.


Finally, now that you are full of energy and stress-free it’s time for you to go out and socialize. Invite some friends and go for a tea/coffee, to your favorite restaurant, amusement park…wherever you want as long as you have fun and make memories. Share your experiences with each other, talk about how you spent your day, talk about new crushes or recommend each other a good book or a movie to watch😉.  My favorite thing to do with my friends is make memories which make even stronger bonds between us. No matter where we go I know that we will have fun and make it memorable. It’s of a huge importance to have friends, people that you can always go to when you undergo some difficulties. Don’t be closed in your own world and anti-social, that can cause one of the worst mental issues present humanity is dealing with, depression. Depression is the most common within teenagers and once you are caught up in it, it’s hard to escape it. In order to prevent depression you have to learn not to stress about everything and to be sure you always have people who love you around.


Here is my video, it’s very short but I made it just so that you can have a better sense of what I was talking about. This is my kind of a healthy work-free day, enjoy!


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